How To Recognize And Repair Power Supply Problems

The Power Supply convert’s your normal family current into low DC voltage utilized by the PC. Whenever this part fails, there is basically no movement going on with your computer. Remember to do the simple investigating first. Inspect the Power Supply for any damage. Double-Check all associations.

Figuring out how to check your power supply and how to supplant it when required can be a lifeline assuming you’re a PC buff or in business with the believed PC. Don’t underestimate the straightforward joy of turning on your PC and all that turns out great.

We turned on one of our PCs as of late and in around one hour, it just re-booted itself. And it did as such around 10 times each day until we figured out the power supply was the culprit. Things to search for when your power supply is turning sour or simply pass on you are the accompanying.


Here you should initially take a look at the divider source for power by interfacing another gadget, for example, a radio or light to be certain power is present. If the PC is associated with a flood protector, check it also.

In the event that the divider out has power, check the power link going to the PC to check whether AC voltage is advancing toward the framework unit. Do this with the utilization of a multimeter.

In the event that there is power, you should open the PC and check for power from the power supply to the motherboard.

While utilizing a multimeter to check voltage, be sure you have a decent ground for the dark lead of the multimeter.


One principle issue you might look at with a sickly Power Supply is that it might re-boot the PC with no warning. All data is lost and it appears as if this occurs at the absolute worst time.

Booting mistakes when the PC initially starts up is one more mark of this part going out of commission.


Whenever the power supply starts to fail, you may get power at one gadget and not another. For example, the Hard Drive might get power but rather the CDROM Drive doesn’t have anything by any means.

One more cerebral pain with would cause re-booting is the discontinuous power going to the drives or the motherboard itself. Follow the means beneath to check your power supply would it be a good idea for you to experience a portion of the above issues.

Actually taking a look at THE POWER SUPPLY

In the event that the divider outlet and the power rope are good, make certain the association at the motherboard is secure. Then you might need to confront the way that the power supply itself is bad. If you have a Multimeter you can test the power supply yield prior to buying another one. Simply follow these means.

Switch off the PC, but don’t turn off it, open the framework unit. Set the multimeter to peruse DC volts in the following reach higher than 12 volts. Locate a power connector similar to the hard drive, or cd rom drive connector that is unused, and turn on the PC.

You can likewise turn off a drive connector and use it as well. Turn on the PC and supplement the BLACK test into the power connector on one of the BLACK wires. Touch the RED test to the YELLOW wire on the power connector.

The multimeter perusing ought to be +12 volts Now contact the RED test to the RED wire and the perusing ought to be +5 volts. If no readings or various readings occurred, you’ll need to supplant the power supply. If the readings were correct, you ought to actually take a look at the P8 or P9 connectors on the motherboard. These connectors may likewise be named P4 and P5. To check these connectors, perform the accompanying…

Embed the BLACK test into P8 at one of the BLACK wires. Embed the RED test into the P8 connector at the RED wire. The perusing on the multimeter ought to be +5 volts

Check the power going to the Motherboard associations by embedding the RED test into P8 at the YELLOW wire and you ought to get +12 volts. Leave the BLACK wire contacting the dark wire at the P8 connector. Check the BLUE wire and the perusing ought to be a – 12 volts.

Presently move the BLACK test to the BLACK wire on the P9 connector. Test the WHITE wire by embedding the RED test and the perusing ought to be – 5 volts. Check the RED wires on the P9 connector and you ought to get +5 volts on every red wire. You will not get precisely 5 or 12 volts however the readings will be extremely close, like 5.02 volts.

Assuming the Power Supply is several volts off, in either direction, such as when the RED wire ought to peruse – 5 volts yet it peruses – 8 volts, or in the event that there are no readings, replace the power supply.

Try not to eliminate the power supply from the framework unit situation while playing out these tests. DO NOT play out these tests in the event that you don’t feel comfortable. Be sure to eliminate all electrical static development from your garments and body BEFORE contacting any parts inside the framework unit. And NEVER open the power supply case for any reason, since high voltage might be available.

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